Generate increased advertising revenue and simplify sales by implementing an innovative and effective pricing strategy based on KubasPrimedia’s proven portfolio of innovative solutions, including Modular Advertising, Visual Impact Pricing, and Frequency Incentives.

KubasPrimedia Pricing Strategy is based on industry expertise and insight and provides profitable and productive new rate structures and pricing policies to address a wide variety of advertising sales issues, including, but not limited to: advertiser and ad size incentives, discounts, frequency, color, flat-rating, and cross-selling.

KubasPrimedia Pricing Strategy will:

  • Generate increased revenue and improve operating performance
  • Provide a simpler, more standardized sales strategy
  • Handle product, pricing, and campaign planning complexity
  • Encourage advertiser investment growth
  • Make it easier for sales reps to sell
  • Provide better results for advertisers
  • Help you to become a stronger, more profitable organization

What clients are saying:

The beauty of your modular program is in our ability to reward customers who spend more through increased commitment, larger ad size, weekly frequency, and multiple product buys.

We needed a pricing structure that matched our customer’s needs (simple, easy to understand, rewards spending), while providing us with tools to grow revenue through getting a bigger piece of the advertiser’s budget. While it was quite a daunting task, now that we are out in the field, it was well worth the effort. 

Let us create a custom program for you based on our proven and reliable solutions. Contact us for more information.