Unlock the advertising sales potential in your market with KubasPrimedia’s Ad Cost Calculator, a widely-used dynamic sales tool that allows for faster, easier, and more accurate quotes by positioning your entire advertising portfolio at your sales reps’ fingertips.

The Ad Cost Calculator is an interactive, easy-to-use Excel file that calculates ad costs. It provides sales reps with complete access to your entire advertising portfolio. It calculates any number of advertising scenarios instantly. It is custom designed for your organization and works on any laptop or desktop computer.

The Ad Cost Calculator will:

  • Simplify and standardize the process of buying and selling advertising.
  • Integrate all product offerings, including online advertising.
  • Enforce rate standardization and rate adherence.
  • Accelerate learning and training with sales staff.
  • Improve sales force productivity and sales call efficiency.
  • Quickly price different scenarios and allow sales reps to plan campaigns ahead of time.
  • Improve accuracy and consistency in ad pricing, with fewer calculation errors.
  • Encourage and facilitate cross-selling and multi-product buys.
  • Provide more control of the sales process.
  • Demonstrate value to your customers by highlighting discounts and savings.

What clients are saying:

Ultimately, the Calculator saves time and money because of its accuracy and efficiency.

It has given me the opportunity to get customers to take a look at some of our other publications.

It is very easy to use & it makes the entire ad quoting process simple & accurate. Especially when quoting multiple products.

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