KubasPrimedia has successfully implemented pricing and sales strategies at news media companies around the globe, including the following corporations:




Testimonials include:


“In a nutshell, we have been very pleased. The hardest part is the internal work to get the calculator done correctly and then to get the sales staff using it correctly.

We launched it in January and can attribute about $1 million in new and/or incremental revenue signed up using the calculator. 

In some environments, you might be left wondering if you would have achieved that growth anyway. Considering the environment today, we are quite pleased.”

-Chris Doyle, (former) President and Publisher, Naples Daily News




Because the very nature of the Kubas Pricing Strategy is to empower the advertiser, we were able to hold rate and grow revenues despite the [competitive] onslaught by demonstrating to advertisers how they could most effectively buy our newspaper.

-Chuck Gerardi, (former) Chief Revenue Officer, Palm Beach Post